Our Mission is to help teachers lessen the burden of spending their own money.

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Over ninety percent of teachers use their own money for their classroom and students. Some examples, the students aren't grasping a concept so the teacher purchases materials to help present the concept in a more understanding manner. A new teacher needs to decorate their classroom or help less fortunate students participate on field trips. School districts and schools themselves do a good job providing the basics. Students do get a supply list for their classes but, parents are not required to purchase school supplies. Some families won't or cannot afford to buy their children's needed supplies. Thank goodness for the other organizations providing supplies at the beginning of the school year. But, as the school year progresses there becomes a void. Supplies are low or the budget is exhausted and project materials are needed to help the students learn. The result, teachers spend their own money, on average $500-$1,000 a year.


Aid for Educators is located in the Arlington Texas. Our directors are retired from education or still in the education profession. They have viewed first hand the dedication of our teachers from elementary to high school. Aid for Educators has helped new teachers and economically disadvantaged students in various Texas school districts. Visit our Awards page to read how we have helped our teachers.


Kathy Meyer Ed Farmer  
Kathy Meyer has been teaching high school, in the Arlington school district, for over 35 years. She was awarded Teacher of the Year and has many other acknowledgements. Ed Farmer retired as former principal of Juan Seguin HS, in Arlington. Before becoming a principal he was a teacher and coach. He is a decorated Navy SEAL serving two tours of duty during the Vietnam war.
kathy@aid4edu.org ed@aid4edu.org
AISD Magazine July 2015
Jamie Johanson
Jamie Johanson retired from the Arlington school district after teaching high school for 38 years. She has received, The PTA Lifetime award, Teacher of the Year, was a Key Club sponsor and has many other acknowledgements. .Arlington School & Family
Aid for Educators would like to thank Arlington School & Family magazine for posting an article about how we are helping our teachers. Page 37
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     Executive Director

Greg Meyer is retired with over 40 years of business experience. He is a Navy Vietnam veteran and a small business owner. He was also a security patrol sergeant with the Arlington I.S.D  Aid for Educators was formed to help fund new teachers in Title 1 schools with supplies, project materials and technology.