Our Mission is to help teachers lessen the burden of spending their own money.

Teacher Awards 6


Ms Gambles John B Hood MS
Piedmont G.L.O.B.A.L. Academy, Dallas I.S.D.
Jeannine Gambles, 7th Grade Thank you for the gift card. I purchased notebooks for writing, folders, binders,dividers for their interactive writing notebooks, and colored paper for activities as we read.
Harlean Beal ES Harlean Beal ES, Fort Worth I.S.D.
Mrs. Hueske, 3rd Grade - Thank you so much for this award. I assure you it will be a great help to kick off the school year!
John B Hood MS John B Hood MS, Dallas I.S.D.
Mrs. Gray, 6th Grade - Thank you for the gift card. I will use the gift card for school supplies for my students. The supplies will be used for class projects such as making maps on the different countries we will be studying. Making flags that represent the countries their families are from and creating interactive journals to keep their class work in just to name a few.
Hardin Intermediate School, Duncanville I.S.D.
Joe Hooks , 5th Grade - I purchased a desk organizer, a wireless mouse which really helps me with may ability to move around my room and control my computer which aids in classroom management. I brought a few math games like bingo and some flash cards so far. Still have a lot of funds left Thank you
Richland ES Richland ES, Birdville I.S.D.
Jessica Caceres, 1st Grade - Here are some pictures of the things I purchased. I am a first year teacher, so I got a lot of essentials. I also purchased some regular supplies like white out, glue sticks (they run out too fast though!), envelopes, highlighters, rechargeable batteries for our cd players and radio, and other wall poster sets for classroom jobs, etc. Thanks again,