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Teacher Awards 5


Lee ES Students Lee ES, El Paso I.S.D.
Mrs. Mendoza, Kindergarten - Thank you for the tablets you graciously sent to our class. Since August, my kindergarteners have been able to practice their letter sounds and numbers with these tablets. My students are highly engaged during centers and look forward to using the devices. Students have tried a variety of apps and already have a set of favorites they request all the time. My little learners have mastered maneuvering the device and have reached an independent level. I am very thankful that you have given us this aid. It has allowed us to progress faster and provided my students with a fun center. Thank you again! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Umphrey Lee Elementary School Umphrey Lee ES, Dallas I.S.D.
Mrs. Lewis, 2nd Grade - I received it. It was in my mailbox this morning. I plan to purchase a pencil sharpener, journals, pencils, erasers, crayons, folders, markers, dry erase marker. and map pencils. Thank You
Bill J. Elliot ES, Fort Worth I.S.D.
Mrs. Kuhns, 1st Grade I have 22 students in need of Everything!!! From Crayons to journals to tissue, etc Thank You so much for the OfficeMax gift card.

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Carter JH Carter JH, Arlington I.S.D.
Tiffany Seaberry, 8th Grade - I am expecting and will be out on maternity leave for about 2 months. Now, I can purchase a class set of head phones so my students are able to watch lessons I have recorded while I'm out. I will also use the gift card to restock composition notebooks, glue, scissors, highlighters markers, crayons for the students to use in their interactive math journals. Thank you so much.