Our Mission is to help teachers lessen the burden of spending their own money.

Teacher Awards 4


Bowie HS Bowie HS, Arlington I.S.D.
Jimmy Litherland, 9th Grade - I received my award last week and it was a tremendous help in obtaining supplies for the classroom. The award assisted me in preparing my classroom to be an organized and creative environment that maximizes space and time for student learning. Additionally, the materials that I was able to obtain with the award will allow my students to have access to the essential utensils of learning. Thank you so much for your assistance
Goodman ES Goodman ES, Arlington I.S.D.
Lee Ann Jerome, 2nd Grade - I was there when you gave Ms Webber her award last year at Sherrod. Thank you for helping first year teachers. It's such a trying time to get everything needed for your class and I don't get my first paycheck until the end of September. Your organization is truly a blessing!
Summit HS
Summit HS, Mansfield I.S.D.
Keli Cullen, Teen Leadership - Each year the Summit High School Teen Leadership II students attend a day at a local camp. This is a day of teambuilding and bonding. Many of our kids are on the "Texas Free and reduced lunch program" and money is a problem. Our school is labeled Title 1 because of the % of students enrolled in this program. Aid for Educators donation has helped make our camp possible this year. Thank You!
Mrs. Pitt, Carter JH Carter JH, Arlington I.S.D.
JaShana Pitt, 8th Grade - Mrs. Pitt is starting her second year teaching Math. She used her Aid4Edu award to buy ear buds to go with the new portable computers provided by the school district.. She shares these computers with other fellow teachers. The ear buds help her students better concentrate on their assignment when using the computers. Mrs. Pitt also used her award to buy a backpack for one of her students.
Corey ES Corey ES, Arlington I.S.D.
Cassie Thompson, 1st Grade -I used my Staples gift card for supplies for my classroom- composition notebooks, binders, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, folders, tape, staples, post it notes, white out, pens, pencils, and color copy paper. Again, thank you SO much!

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Carter JH Thank You
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Carter JH, Arlington I.S.D.
Thank You Note - To Greg and everyone at Aid for Educators. Thank you for supporting Carter JH teachers. Cougar Nation. Our teachers need your donations. Carter JH teachers, as well as, our teachers need their applications funded.