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Teacher Awards 3


Books for Lee ES Lee Elementary, El Paso I.S.D.
Mrs. Herrera, 2nd Grade - The students and teacher of 2C would like to say thank you. We love our new books and enjoy reading them on a daily basis. Our AR points have been going up and we now have over 200 points as a class. My students have been begging for silent reading time to be able to read their new books. Thank you,
Morningside MS Morningside MS, FW I.S.D.
Aid for Educators donated Android tablets and supplies to Ms. Jackson's 7th grade science class at Morningside MS.

Ms. Jackson's request - I am a 7th grade science teacher at Morningside Middle School. We are a campus with very little resources for technology. This year I am looking to bring technology into my class through using tablets. With theses tablets students will be able to gain investigative skills by taking pictures in the field and presenting them to others. They will also use the tablets to develop research skills and SPED & LEP students will have opportunity to have extra online help to develop their science skills. I feel allowing the students do more hands on science with technology will motivate them to choose STEM careers in the future.
El Paso 4th Grade Lee Elementary, El Paso I.S.D.
Sonia Jimenez 4th Grade - I wanted to thank you for your great donation! The kids are having a wonderful time using their new technology resources!! I have been able to download excellent educational applications and ebooks using the extra memory cards you sent us. The kids are also using the tablets to research information for their writing assignment. Thank you for helping starting teachers like myself, so that together we can better prepare these students for a bright future. Sincerely,