Aid for Educators. "Aid for Educators is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to pursue donations and grants to help fund teachers with supplies and project materials for their students and classroom." Texas Flag
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It is a known fact teachers unselfishly spend their own money each school year. They want the best for their students, a decorated classroom stocked with supplies and materials to help motivate and learn. Caring teachers spend money for classroom decorations, supplies, project materials, treats, money for field trips, books and the list continues. Aid for Educators wants to help lessen the burden of a teacher spending their own money.
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Aid4Edu donates Tablets and 1st grade books to help more teachers. Truly, the benefits of technology in education reach across all subjects and areas of interest. A current events teacher can pull up video of the day's top news events to foster classroom discussion. A history teacher can make historical subjects come to life with vivid images. Counterpoints can be examined, debate encouraged, and critical thinking helped to flourish with the use of the computer technology in a smart classroom. Donate at Tablets for Teachers
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." If you appreciate a teacher in your life or appreciate a teacher in the lives of your children then AID FOR EDUCATORS is the organization that gives you the ability to truly say, Thank You!"
Newsletter April 2014-
“Schools say calculator mandate ignores funding issues”

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Tearchers Aren't Sissies
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"Being a Teacher is Not for Sissies"
All proceeds go to our teachers

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Aid for Educators is now an Albertsons Community Partner. Present our card with the A4E barcode, at the cash register, and Albertsons will give A4E a donation.

Click on the Shopping List link or e-mail your address to for your own Community Partners Card. Another great way to help our teachers. 

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Ed Farmer at Graduation

Ed Farmer, Director and VP of A4E gives an inspiring speech comparing the code of a Navy S.E.A.L. and life after school.

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